>60% of the product series are refillable

Long shelf life and the ability of a product to be kept open without drying out are key development goals at Schneider in order to guarantee the longevity of the products. These aspects also serve to avoid waste. For us, avoiding waste is still the best form of environmental protection. We guarantee product longevity not only through high product quality, but also through simple, clean refill options for the majority of our products. 

In order to simplify the storage and application for the users and retailers, we have developed our Plug+Play system, for example. It is a universal fit for different refill formats. The development of such simple, clean and user-friendly refill systems are the results of ecological and economic thinking.

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Refillable pens

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Refillable pens

The „Plug+Play“ system

Everyone knows the situation: You are in a shop to buy refills for something and are faced with a multitude of products - and suddenly you don't know which one actually fits your product. With the Plug+Play system, this is a problem of the past, because all the ballpoint pen models from the Plug+Play assortment are suitable for different refill formats with their universal refill fit. Here you can find an overview of which pens and refills are included: Plug+Play overview. This makes storage much easier for the retailer and the user.

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All the advantages of the Plug+Play system at a glance:

  • Environmental benefits
  • Flexibility in the purchase of replacement refills
  • Easy and flexible refilling
  • Cost saving
  • Clean writing right to the end, because each refill has a wear-resistant stainless steel tip
  • Rationalisation and standardisation of the product range, i.e. more effective stock-keeping and reduced administrative work

However, practical refill units are not only available for ballpoint pens, but also for other writing instruments, such as markers, rollerballs, fineliners and even pencils.

Refillable pens

Here are some examples of successful and sustainable developments by Schneider:

Marker Maxx Eco: Marker with ingeniously simple quick-refill system. Simply insert the cartridge and the marker is immediately ready to be used again. Each cartridge replaces a new marker. 

Refill stations for markers: Place the marker upside down in the refill station. The reservoir is automatically refilled. There is no risk of overfilling. 

Roller cartridges with integrated, new tip: The tip of rollerball pens is particularly exposed to wear and tear. Simple cartridges or refilling the ink reservoir thus does not make sense in the long term.

For this reason, Schneider has also come up with something very special: A refill cartridge with integrated new tip. With every cartridge replacement, you get a new tip, which means you can refill the cartridges endlessly. These are not only available with erasable fountain pen ink for various cartridge roller models, but also with document-proof ink for rollerballs.

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