June 20, 2013

Schneider initiates biennial cycle for Paperworld in Frankfurt

The new Schneider brand identity at the Paperworld
The new Schneider brand identity at the Paperworld

Trade shows are an important marketing tool for Schneider. To interact with many people on a personal level, to present brands and products memorably, and to socialize and keep in touch with consumers and business partners, all these are objectives of a trade show. Nowadays deals are rarely concluded at a trade show and the Internet age has dramatically expanded communication and information sharing options.
Schneider has taken these changes into account and at the same time wants to remain true to Paperworld Frankfurt as a longtime exhibitor at the fair.
Schneider has therefore decided, together with its partner NOVUS DAHLE and the joint distribution company Schneider Novus, that we will no longer exhibit annually but rather every two years. We will next participate at Paperworld Frankfurt in 2015. The resultant savings will be reinvested in the promotion of sales and in the support of sustainable positive development of its products in trade.

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