March 4, 2017

Slider Xite - New Member of the Schneider Family!

The new Slider Xite - made from nature
The new Slider Xite - made from nature
The new bio-based Slider Xite
The new bio-based Slider Xite
Slider Xite made of bio-based plastics.
Slider Xite made of bio-based plastics.

Easy Writing and Saving Resources

The popular Slider Series has a new member: Slider Xite is the latest model. The Slider Series is already known for its smooth, easy gliding writing; and it just got better, with the new Slider Xite. Considered an excellent colleague in the office, it has the same writing qualities as the other Sliders and moreover thanks to the innovative power of Schneider, it is made of 90 % bio-based plastics.

Featuring a bright white barrel with a typical Slider cyan highlight at the back, the Schneider logo is elegantly integrated into the pen body. While the quality seal "Made in Germany" is also highlighted on the product.

The ink colours black, blue and green are waterproof according to ink standard ISO 12757-2 and is recognisable at the push button. Slider Xite is equipped with a replaceable metal refill Slider 710 XB with a wear-resistant stainless steel tip. The ink dries quickly - even on smooth paper - and is smudge proof when highlighting it later on.
The slightly concave-shaped barrel promotes tireless and relaxed writing. It has a sturdy metal clip and thanks to the clever Plug+Play system, can use a variety of refill formats.

Apart from the ability to refill the ballpoint pen with various refills and various refill formats, sustainability was highly considered during the production process: The Slider Xite, as well as the other members of the Slider family iare produced exclusively in Germany and have been offered climate neutrally. In collaboration with ClimatePartner, Schneider calculates the carbon footprint of the product and offsetting the exact volume of emissions generated by the Slider series. This is done by supporting an internationally recognized and certified carbon offset project.

White is the new Green

The shiny white pen body of the Slider Xite surprises with a considerable unique selling point (USP): It is made of bio-based plastics. The amount of 90 % bio based material of the pen body was confirmed by DINCertco, an independent certification institution of TÜV Rhineland Group and of DIN German Institute for Standardization. Bio-based plastics are derived from renewable raw materials (RRM). These include corn starch, sugar cane or beets, vegetable oils such as castor oil and cellulose from cotton or wood. The use of renewable raw materials conserves our limited mineral oil resources and reduces CO2 emissions, in an average comparison with conventional fossil-fuel-based raw materials.
Our bio-based plastic writing instruments display no disadvantages when compared with similar products made from conventional fossil-fuel based plastic. This is because the bio-based plastics we use are specifically developed and modified for our applications. Going green doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice aesthetics.

We Care

For decades, environmental protection and social responsibility has been solidly anchored in company policy at Schneider. Since 1998 and as the first company in the industry, Schneider has operated a professional environmental policy under the world’s strictest environmental management system - EMAS.

Sales support

Schneider offers an attractive display to support resellers at the presentation and the sales of the new Slider-family member. The display includes 15x blue 10x black 3x red and 2x green Slider Xite.

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