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Historical Commercials

The advent of television commercials helped the writing instruments from the Black Forest to gain popularity throughout the country. Television advertising represented the ideal medium by which to communicate the quality of the various Schneider products further afield.

The Good Schneider Refill

Smudge-resistant and suitable for use in banks and official agencies, the good ‘75’ refill was ‘the refill for your ballpoint’.

The Schneider Topball

A rotating steel ball with a plastic bearing known as the topgallant produced a wonderfully pleasant and soft writing sensation.

Journey Round the World

Only the good Schneider refill is suitable for recording a journey around the world with a single refill.

White Shirt

Back then, everyone knew it: everything pointed towards perfect performance. With a refill that kept white shirts white.

40 Pfennigs

Schneider refills and pens are known throughout the world for their clear writing at a very affordable price.

Three Dots and a White Vest

Not only the writing sensation but the design of the good Schneider refill were unmistakeable.

The New Refill that does not Smudge

Perfect clarity right down to the very last line. Only the Schneider refill could do this, recognisable from the SU logo.

The New, Good Schneider Refill!

Even in those days, Schneider refills represented excellent value for money.