All you need is a pen to make your thoughts resound.

Toni Mogens


When the heart sets the pace

“Every thought is worth writing down“ is Schneider’s leitmotif. Singer-Songwriter Toni Mogens even makes his thoughts resound.

Music can achieve a lot

The rhythm in the leg. The sweat on the forehead. Hands up. Cheer, clap and sing along. Music only unfolds its full power on stage and casts its spell on us. In 2020, Corona had cast a dark shadow over the event industry – but the more is the joy that new talents and old familiar faces have recaptured the big and small live stage. One of them is the up-and-coming German pop artist Toni Mogens. "For me, music is a way to trigger a good feeling in others," the Karlsruhe native reveals to us.

His songs fascinate with a special magic, that develops between touching lyrics and catchy melodies. The best feeling for the 25-year-old is that all his listeners find themselves in his songs with their very own story. But let's rewind a couple of years. Toni performs his own song entitled "Ich bin raus! (I’m out now)" for the first time on the occasion of his graduation. But with that, he was suddenly in: Writing songs, being on stage, living from his music – would it be great, or wouldn’t it? But first I'd rather do something solid to earn a living. But after two semesters of study to become a teacher, it became clear: My heart beats for music. And only for music.

With my first self written song – that's how it all began.

Interplay of feelings

In the bright stage light, the audience often doesn't even think about how much struggle, tireless work and stamina this job requires behind the scenes. If you want to survive here you have to believe strongly in yourself. Many musicians can tell their own tales of disappointment, unfulfilled expectations and projects that have gone wrong. In the bright stage light, the audience often doesn't even think about how much struggle, tireless work and stamina this job requires behind the scenes.

On the one hand being an emotionally driven musician, on the other hand being a rational entrepreneur who has to make sure that everything pays off: a real balancing act. „Doubt, euphoria, that's an alternating game. But when I finally decided on music, it was one thing above all: Liberating”, Toni describes his unusual job today. He was supported by his environment, his family and his friends. They have all not only always encouraged him, but are also a source of inspiration at the same time – just like the whole life around him.

5 questions, 5 answers

We wanted to get to know Toni Mogens better and asked him 5 questions - and got these 5 exciting answers.


Life as a source of inspiration

Going out, experiencing new things, throwing yourself into life and exchanging a lot with people: Toni processes all his personal experiences and encounters in his songs. But how does a feeling, an inspiration end up becoming a whole song? "In songwriting there are no rules. For me it often starts with a single sentence that gets me – where I just get a lot of ideas just from that," Toni tells us. It may already have a melody in it, further words come together – Piece by piece, Toni composes his songs with piano or guitar.

And if ever things don't go so well with creativity? „You can't force things, and you mustn't look for it too hard”, the musician knows from experience. When there is a creative void in his head, he likes to lace up his running shoes and go jogging. He has already written many songs in the vineyards around his home. And what does it sound like in the end? His texts: personal, accessible and sympathetic. His sound: positive, carefree and catchy. His enthusiasm: simply contagious. This authenticity distinguishes the young singer-songwriter.

My inspiration? Friends and family. Do a lot and also experience.

Toni’s preference

Here you can find Toni's favourite pen

The most important thing: Do what makes you happy

No secure employment, no fixed salary, being completely on your own in self-employment: The life of musicians is accompanied by many uncertainties. But Toni does not regret his decision: „I always wanted to do something, where my heart was in it“. He appreciates the fun of his work and the freedom to live out his creativity. The happy-go-lucky Baden native does not let occasional career setbacks drag him down.

„As a creative person, I don't always have everything planned out completely: If you mispaint a line, you have to simply draw a new one on top of it. You can always go on“. In the end, doing something that makes you happy – that is the guiding principle that Toni follows. When he takes pen and paper in hand and writes down his thoughts, he later moves many people in the audience with his songs. It is quite an art to leave traces in the memory of others. Toni Mogens is one of those who make it.

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