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Career: Check. And happy with it? Tomek quits his job as a project manager to rediscover his own creativity after many years.

Learn the right things. Do something sensible with life. Provide financial stability. Who hasn’t heard the numerous pieces of advice that parents, relatives or even friends have for you? Tomek knew they all want the best for him. That is why he had chosen to work as a project manager. However, his creativity was not much needed there. As Covid turned the whole world upside down, Tomek also wondered: What is really important to me in life? The pandemic has shown him that he cannot run away from his own creativity.

A poet describes his view of the world with words, Tomek uses colours for this. He works with shading, with lights and depths. He plays with harmonies and contrasts. Colours are his inspiration, his desk is his kaleidoscope. Ballpoint pens are his means of capturing moments in his personal way.

Tomek knows from his own experience that it sometimes feels lonely to go your own way. But what would life be without the courage to try something over and over again? Try to find your own style and discover new facets of yourself.

Being creative is not a choice. That’s what’s inside you. Deep inside you.

Tomek, Bydgoszcz

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