Customisation with our Pen-Configurator

  • Can I buy my promotional writing instruments directly via the pen configurator?

    A direct online order is not possible. As soon as you have configured your promotional writing instrument and sent your enquiry, you will be taken care of personally and individually on the further processing of your order as quickly as possible.

  • I have sent an enquiry - what happens next?

    Your enquiry goes directly to our sales office in Schramberg. From there it is passed to one of our selected sales agents in your vicinity or a dealer of your choice who will handle your enquiry.

  • What do I need to observe when uploading the logo files into the pen configurator?

    If you would like to see what your logo looks like on one of our promotional writing instruments, please note that the graphic representation on the pen configurator depends on the format of the uploaded file.

    If your logo is fully surrounded by a square frame you are welcome to use a JPEG or GIF file format. If you would like to upload a freestanding logo, please use a PNG file with transparent background if possible.

  • How do I select the right colours?

    If you would like to design your writing instrument in your specific company colours, please select the closest matching colour from the free colour selection. If you know the RGB values of your company colours, you can enter these directly. In addition, you can also enter Pantone colours on the entry form if required.

    To ensure printing of your company colours true to the original, please enter the corresponding Pantone values on your enquiry.

    Please note that the graphic representation of the colours on the screen may differ from the final printed result on the writing instrument!

    Ask us directly! We would be pleased to advise you on selecting suitable colours!

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