What can be expected when an innovative manufacturer for writing instruments cooperates with a dynamic company with its own urban brand? Quite a lot!

The Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH (EST 1938) and the Feuerstein GmbH (EST 1959) with its own brand MOLOTOW™ have signed contracts on the subject of a long-term cooperation on the 21st of April 2016. Common technology developments are sought, that benefit from the exchange of the respective special knowledge and that can be found in the product lines of Schneider and MOLOTOW™. In addition, Schneider will take over the international distribution of the fine art product range of the brand MOLOTOW™. The distribution is started in the 4th quarter of this year in 11 countries – including Germany.

Matching brand attitudes

As family businesses from the Black Forest, they share more than just its origins – both companies represent high-quality writing instruments and art supplies Made in Germany. Hardly surprising that their corporate philosophies are similar, as they both are known for their engagement for sustainability – independently of each other.

Apart from sustainability, both companies stand for innovations and a high level of quality:

"Our partnership is promising for many reasons. On the one hand, because we are something like natural neighbours with our product ranges - not to mention our geographical proximity. Through our cooperation, pens for everyday use and those for artists come closer. This is exciting and makes sense. But there is another aspect, and that is crucial: when it comes to sustainability, fairness, 'Made in Germany' and product quality, we think the same way". (Jürgen Feuerstein, Managing Director of Feuerstein GmbH and Christian Schneider, Managing Director of Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH).

So, what can be expected from this partnership? Everything!


To paint a whole train in calmness? Sure, if it's the MOLOTOW™ Train. The 34-ton sleeper car was delivered by crane to the Hall of Fame at MOLOTOW™ headquarters on rails that had been laid especially for this purpose. Since then, the train has been a symbol of the MOLOTOW™ brand and a pilgrimage site for renowned writers and graffiti artists.

Showroom in Lahr

You can't explain art, you have to feel it. This is exactly why there is a showroom at the MOLOTOW™ headquarters in Lahr. There you can have a look at all the different products, try them out and decide which ones are right for you.