Eco 725 Ballpoint pen refill - blue - M

Colour: blue
Line width: Medium
Eco 725 blue Line width M by Schneider
Eco 725 blue Line width M by Schneider

Product description

Giant refill in ISO format G2 with *refill body made of 94 % recycled plastic, saving more than 70% CO2 emissions compared to conventional plastic. Waterproof according to ISO 12757-2, line width in medium (M). Writing colour blue. Certified with the eco-label "Blue Angel" suitable as refill for the Reco ballpoint pen and all Schneider ballpoint pens with Plug+Play system as well as many other brands. Due to the pleasantly light and constant ink flow, Eco 725 ensures a clean and comfortable writing. The wear-resistant stainless steel tip guarantees that the large ink supply can be fully used and does not smear.

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