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Prize-Winning Products

Not only did the company itself receive numerous awards, but also several of the many writing instruments that Schneider produces. They were acknowledged on both a national and an international level by virtue of their innovation, design, and not least, quality.


Pro-k 2012

The Breeze Rollerball was named ‘Product of the Year’ by Pro-k Award in the category ‘Innovation, Design and Functionality’.

Outstanding Company title=
Outstanding Company title=


Red Dot & iF Design Award 2013

The Schneider ‘Job’ was able to assert itself not once but twice in the international competition thanks to its functionality and innovative design, winning due recognition from both Red Dot and the iF Design Award.

One Series

PBS Produkt des Jahres 2016

Thanks to its unique writing sensation, the Schneider One series was awarded the title ‘Product of the Year’ by the ‘Verband der PBS Markenindustrie’.

Outstanding Company title=
Outstanding Company


Pro-k, Plus-X-Award, Promotional Gift Award 2017

The product with the most awards from Schneider bears the name Link-It. The product won three awards in 2017, for example for its functionality, innovation and sustainability.


Plus-X Award 2018

Both the fountain pen and the ‘Ray’ rollerball convinced the Plus-X jury to present the award in 2018 in the categories of high quality, design and user comfort.

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