12 product series made from recycled plastic

By using recycled material, we are actively helping to conserve the increasingly scarce sources of raw materials and energy. For our latest products we are increasingly using recycled plastics, whose sources, in their purity and continuity of the waste stream, can guarantee the perfect functionality of our products and compliance with consumer protection with regard to harmful substances. The raw material comes from PET bottles, cosmetics packaging, hygiene articles, films, refrigerator parts, medical products, electrical appliances or waste from the yellow bag. These are selected from the waste stream according to their type and prepared for further processing.

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Pens made from recycled plastics

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Pens made from recycled plastic

A distinction is made between post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material. A recycled PET bottle is a typical example of post-consumer recycling. Unmixed and unavoidable waste from branches of industry such as plastic packaging for components for further processing in medical engineering are an example of post-industrial recycling.

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No alibi products

We don't believe in the development of "green product lines" as an alibi solution that forces the consumer to compromise and to choose. Our philosophy is always to convert an existing product line to bio-based or recycled plastics while maintaining the same quality and price.

Compliance with legal standards

We practice genuine recycling and comply with the ISO 14021 standards on recycling methods (post-consumer and post-industrial) We provide evidence: We do not make dubious assertions. We ensure that both the content of bio-based plastics and the proportion of recycled plastics are confirmed by an independent, accredited testing institute.

Pens made from recycled plastic

Awarded with the eco-label ”Blue Angel”

Since June 2018, the rollerball Breeze features the best-known German eco-label, the "Blue Angel". The criteria for writing instruments were published in January 2016. The rollerball pen Breeze was the first writing instrument ever to meet the requirements of the Blue Angel criteria for writing instruments. Ballpoint pen Reco and refill Eco 725, also made of recycled material, followed in 2020. For the first time a ballpoint pen has succeeded in being awarded with the eco label Blue Angel. Schneider is particularly proud of this, because the Blue Angel regulations pose a special challenge for ballpoint pens. To meet the high requirements of the Blue Angel, Schneider has developed a new ink paste. 

The Blue Angel is Germany's oldest and best-known eco-label and enjoys the highest acceptance among public authorities, commercial decision-makers and private consumers. For more than 40 years it has served as an orientation for sustainable purchasing and guarantees that the products meet high standards of environmental, health and performance characteristics. The Federal Environment Agency has developed the appropriate requirements and the criteria for various product groups. These always consider the entire life cycle of the products. The criteria for writing instruments were published in January 2016. Schneider was the first company to fulfil the requirements for the Blue Angel for writing instruments.

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