Small deeds, big impact: We achieve a better world step by step.

Robert Klein

Architect, Managing Director eleven architecture

Creativity has many facets

Schneider stands for writing instruments for everyone: that this is not just a phrase is shown by the many different people who enjoy using our products every day. Discover their very personal, exciting stories!

Toni’s story

“Every thought is worth writing down“ is Schneider’s leitmotif. Singer-Songwriter Toni Mogens even makes his thoughts resound.

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Robert's story

Becoming more sustainable step by step: Schneider is not alone in this aspiration. Committed people like architect Robert Klein are pursuing the same goal.

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Jeannette's story

Who actually writes with our pens? To find out more about the actual users of our pens we met the calligraphist and poetry artis Jeannette Mokosch for a conversation in our home, the Black Forest.

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Family Lichts’ Story

Finding beauty of the everyday: In the Simssee hand-weaving workshop, the Licht family produces high-quality carpets that are as aesthetic as they are unique.

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Andi’s Story

Be yourself without doubts! With her works, the Hungarian illustrator Andi makes a colourful statement for more courage and creativity.

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Peter's story

Rocking the financial industry as a project manager! That was Peter's goal - until a burn-out threw him completely off track. So the Simpsons helped him get back on track.

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Steffi's story

Longing for country life? You usually only feel that if you didn't grow up there. Steffi wanted to go out into the world – to let her creativity flow there.

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Stéphane’s story

From Nice to Reykjavík: Stéphane emigrated six years ago and rediscovered his love of hand lettering.

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