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Longing for country life? You usually only feel that if you didn't grow up there. Steffi wanted to go out into the world – to let her creativity flow there.

Life in the village is usually a quiet one. Not so easy if you want to step out of line. Steffi had already preferred drawing at school, because it was clear to her: career in the bank in the countryside? Definitely not; she'd rather do something creative. It drove her out. First to Vienna, then Munich. To Berlin, back to Munich again. Her first job took her to a fashion label. The pressure there was high, the fun of creativity became less and less. She asked herself, "Do I really want to work like this forever?"

That was the time to first get some distance. Spending a month travelling through Portugal by bus helped Steffi to free herself. No laptop, no more "having to". And then the creativity came back all by itself. She knew she wanted to work as an illustrator and textile designer – but in her own way. Her personal conclusion: life lines may not always be dead straight, but even detours arrive. At some point also with yourself. And when will you set out to discover your own creativity?

Steffi's story

For Steffi, it was already clear during her school years that she wanted to do something creative! But that wasn't always easy and the pressure was high. Here in the video she tells how she found the fun in creativity again.

Life lines are not always dead straight, even with detours you arrive.

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