My goal: Inspire, encourage & strengthen others

Colour, courage & positive vibes

Be yourself without doubts! With her works, the Hungarian illustrator Andi makes a colourful statement for more courage and creativity.

"You really think you can do that?”: A short question, but the aftermath of it can be great. The Hungarian illustrator Andi knows the feeling well when one's own abilities are questioned by others. But what to do about it? Do not let these people discourage you! Every creative person knows this feeling of insecurity - whether what you create with pen, paper, canvas & co. is good. But "good" or "bad" are not the categories that are decisive here. It's all about having a good time. To express yourself. Discovering a new facet of yourself.

For Andi, creativity is a way to free yourself – free from bad experiences and negative thoughts. In her illustrations, she therefore likes to express herself in a brightly coloured, lively and unconventional way. In this way, she wants to give life colour and her illustrations a deeper significance. But she no longer allows herself to be pushed into certain patterns of behaviour by others. And more: She encourages others – especially other young women – to break with stereotypes.

Andi’s Story

Andi used to have people around her who were not really friends and questioned her abilities. Here in the video she talks about how creativity has helped her gain more self-confidence and strength.

Be brave, you'll be surprised what you're made of.

I want to give life colour.

Andi used to have people around her who were not really friends. And what about her own self-esteem? She often scrolled through the social media channels of others who all seemed to be living the perfect life. It didn't do it any good. Andi realized: "The most important thing is to be surrounded by honest people. They are like an anchor that gives you support so that you don't drift away”. They helped her to recognise her own strengths, encouraged her to live out her creativity and supported her to believe in herself. Today, this gives her the necessary power to inspire others with her positive attitude.

The 26-year-old is happy to be able to make a difference with her work: that she can brighten the day for others. And that thanks to her illustrations they feel better, more self-confident, more self-assured and stronger. She is convinced that everyone can create wonderful things. "Being creative gives you the chance to get to know yourself better. To have fun, to find happiness within yourself," Andi tells us. Go at your own pace, develop your own style, find your own creative expression: Are you ready for your own journey with the Makers Line?

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