21 product series produced CO2 neutrally

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Where politics often fails due to national interests, companies can make a major contribution to climate protection on a voluntary basis. Since 1998, Schneider has been practicing professional environmental policy and has taken measures to reduce CO2 emissions in line with EMAS, the strictest environment management system in the world.

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Climate neutral pens

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Climate neutral pens

Meanwhile we are thinking beyond our company's own production sites. Since 2014 Schneider has been working with ClimatePartner to become even more active in climate protection. In conjunction with ClimatePartner, Schneider has computed the carbon footprint for the entire company. A corporate carbon footprint discloses how much CO2 is generated by a company's activities. 

The Carbon Footprint also includes amongst other things all related raw materials and transport. Analyzing this data of the Carbon Footprint provides an overview of all business divisions and facilitates to enable the identification of reduction potentials in the realms of energy consumption, resource use, and carbon emissions. As a first step after the calculation, appropriate strategies are developed to avoid or minimise precisely these emissions.

Climate neutral pens

What to do with unavoidable emissions?

Unfortunately, there will always be emissions that cannot be avoided, of course. So what can be done with the emissions that cannot be avoided?

So what can be done with the emissions that cannot be avoided? This is where offsetting comes into play as an additional option. Since regionally generated greenhouse gases disperse evenly throughout the atmosphere, it is equally beneficial to the climate whether CO2 is saved at the site where it is emitted or elsewhere. This means that the unavoidable emissions caused at Schneider can be offset by buying carbon certificates from elsewhere. The revenue from the carbon certificates goes to climate protection projects that reduce the harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere on a long-term basis, for example through reforestation or the use of renewable energies. These projects have been proven to save greenhouse gas emissions and protect the climate.

Climate neutral pens

What are the requirements for a climate protection project?

These projects, which are traded on the voluntary market, must meet internationally recognised criteria and be certified by independent auditors. These are always measures which would not be possible without such support. Another condition for such a project is the permanent endurance of the savings. It must be ensured that, for example, in the case of a reforestation area, the trees are not being cut down again. Furthermore, it has to be guaranteed that no double counting of savings takes place in the climate protection projects. 

The criteria of double counting can only be met if it is ensured that the savings achieved by a project are not already counted elsewhere. Savings achieved in the EU usually have a direct positive impact on a country's national GHG balance and thus contribute to achieving the climate targets of the respective country and the EU. Therefore, they cannot be certified as additional savings for CO2 offsetting within the framework of voluntary climate protection.

Climate neutral pens

What does climate neutrality mean on the product level?

Based on the Corporate Carbon Footprint mentioned above, it is also possible to calculate the exact amount of CO2 emissions generated by individual products using the special software and the available data. The resulting product carbon footprint creates further transparency and reveals possible areas for action. On the product level, the concept is similar: by supporting climate protection projects, all those unavoidable emissions generated by the production of the product can be offset.

Many of Schneider's product lines are already produced in a climate-neutral manner and are offered to retailers at no extra cost. Orders from customers, e.g. in the area of promotional writing instruments, can also be offered climate neutrally on request.

In September 2014, Schneider started compensating the emissions for the popular Slider series. This was followed by the product series Line-Up and Link-It, the ballpoint pen K3 Biosafe, various promotional writing instruments and the rollerball family One. Our current project is a wind enegry project in India. You can find detailed information on the amount of compensated CO2 as well as on the project under the ID that is displayed with the individual products. Schneider reduces and offsets unavoidable emissions before, during and after production. (Scope 3) So, anyone who buys climate-neutral products is making a contribution to climate protection.

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