Press releases

75th anniversary logo
August 13, 2013

Schneider turns seventy-five (part III)

The 75th anniversary of the Schneider Writing Instruments GmbH comes along with a generational change in the family-owned business. In 2010 the eponymous founder's grandson Christian Schneider joins the company and runs the business along with his...

Ad from 1965
August 12, 2013

Schneider turns seventy-five (part II)

"The good Schneider refill" reaches the top of its prominence in the 1960s. Standardization as well as the development of special machines make their contribution to rational industrial production. Prices can be reduced and at the same time pens become...

Christian Schneider 1943
August 11, 2013

Schneider turns seventy-five (part I)

In 1943 the Hungarian inventor Laszlo Biro first patented the ballpoint. The 70th anniversary of the ballpoint pen has been publicly announced and celebrated in the media. The story of this present-day mass-produced product is closely linked to the...

The new Schneider brand identity at the Paperworld
June 20, 2013

Schneider initiates biennial cycle for Paperworld in Frankfurt

Trade shows are an important marketing tool for Schneider. To interact with many people on a personal level, to present brands and products memorably, and to socialize and keep in touch with consumers and business partners, all these are objectives of...

46 active cyclers
June 18, 2013

Over 15% of Schneider staff gets to work by bicycle

One year ago the writing instrument manufacturer Schneider in Schramberg, Germany launched an electric bicycle scheme. The company bought 18 electric bicycles for the employees to use in place of cars to get to work. Now, the company has more than...